When is the last time you checked your Umbrella costs & services?

When was the last time you checked the costs and service levels of your existing payroll providers?

According to Cornwall Insights, a typical UK household will pay roughly £3,200 per year for their energy (from October 2022 onwards). This is compared with the (average) £766 that was paid by households in 2021.

This should provoke debate amongst stakeholders: which energy company is the best? All energy provision is the same: electricity is a homogenous good. So, we should find out which energy company has

  1. The lowest price
  2. The best response time/ customer service

    Equal Quality and Cost

    Can you really choose between Cost and Quality when it comes to your workers 

Does this remind you of another market?

The Umbrella market is flooded with a homogenous service, but the difference between a good Umbrella company and one with which an agency doesn’t want to work, is the customer service. When was the last time you updated your PSL?

The New Red Planet customer service team works tirelessly to ensure that our contractors can get paid stress-free, and the agencies can focus on gaining new business, not dealing with frustrated contractors.

Preferred Supplier List

Who’s on your supplier list

If your agency is yet to add NRP to its PSL- what are you waiting for? We have excellent results in the two above categories, arguably much better than your current payroll provider, if we do say so ourselves! 😉.

If you are ready to improve your PSL, contact Steve McDermott (steve.mcdermott@newredplanet.com), and let’s see how we can take your service to the next level.



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