NRP Satellite

Are you an Employment Agency?

Would you like a 2nd source of income?

Is cash flow ever an issue for your Agency?

Would you like control over more of your supply chain?

If you have answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these questions, then NRP Satellite could be the product for you.

New Red Planet will work alongside the Agency to create a new, fully functional umbrella company. This white label offering will enable business owners to establish a new company to enable payroll services, including PAYE umbrella, standard PAYE, CIS and Limited Company models. The outsourced offering enables business owners to easily establish their own new company to run dedicated payroll service without the need for additional premises. Return on investment comes from week one with significant savings on payroll costs, while remaining 100% HMRC compliant.

The main features include:

  • Company incorporation and documentation
  • Draft ‘contracts of employment’ templates
  • HMRC approved payroll platform
  • Complete documentation suite templates
  • Branded website and portal
  • Continuous support and advice from our experienced and specialist team regarding payroll and customer service

Control the Supply Chain

The use of third-party providers, also known as umbrella companies, is well established among employment agencies that have large workforces of temporary contractors. The significant financial and cash flow benefits are derived from outsourcing employment and payroll while being in control of the supply chain and the payments made to contractors and HMRC.

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What makes NRP Satellite different?

NRP Satellite is a fully supported, white-label offering of New Red Planet’s established umbrella service. NRP Satellite enables employment agencies and business owners to receive all of the benefits of a third-party provider, such as profit and cash flow but without paying their long-term commission fees. The New Red Planet service is an established company in the sector, with thousands of contractors employed and payrolled through the company each week. That same expertise is now packaged up and ready for you to take advantage of with the minimum of time and effort for the Agency. We are here to take you every step of the way: in as little as 8 weeks, you could have your own umbrella business up-and-running with all the support of our experienced and qualified team right behind you.

Benefits to owning your own Umbrella Company:

  • Significant cash flow benefits
  • Drive extra revenue from your existing workforce
  • Reduce the need for Invoice discounting/factoring
  • Control margins charged to your contractors who currently work through an eternal provider
  • Remove the burden of pension auto-enrolment
  • Workforce migration tools that deliver instant profit
  • Peace of mind by ensuring your own compliance
  • Reduce payroll costs leaving your business – up to 45% per week
  • More attractive for purchase and acquisition

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