• EU adopted a new directive which aims to make working conditions transparent and predictable
  • UK already working towards the directive as a result of the Taylor Review
  • It will become much harder to defend employment status cases and claims by gig workers for national minimum wage and holiday pay
  • Worker training to be provided free of cost and shall count as working time and where possible shall take place during working hours
  • Employers will be required to inform workers of essential aspects of the employment relationship

The directive on ‘transparent and predictable’ working conditions was adopted by the Council on 17 June 2019. Member states will have 3 years to roll out the necessary legislative measures to comply with the directive.

The UK’s obligation to comply with the directive will depend on the timing of Brexit however as a result of the Taylor Review and the Government’s publication of the ‘Good Work Plan’, legislation is already being implemented which introduces many measures aimed at increasing working conditions for workers.

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